Three Ways To Market Your Insurance To Young Adults


One of the best markets to look for new customers in is the young adult population. Young adults who are just moving out of their parents or are just getting their first job will also need to get insurance. This could include their own insurance policy for their car or a wide range of insurance that must be bundled. If you wish to market your insurance policy towards the young adults you may need to come up with new marketing material. Here are three ways to market your insurance products to young adults. 

Charge flat rate fees

When young adults are searching for insurance they will likely be looking for the lowest monthly premium. While value is important, it is also important to know if they will be able to include the cost of the premium in their monthly bills. If you want to give your young clients peace of mind, put together some flat rate fee bundles for those in your state who meet certain specifications. Having a flat rate fee, rather than a bundle that they cant understand will make things easier for young adults. Marketing flat fees will offer transparency. 

Offer online customer service

Going into offices to run errands is not something that the coming adult generation is used to. For this reason, all of your insurance functions need to take place online. Payments, customer service, and even immediate help should be available online. Create an application for your insurance agency and include the app inside of your marketing material. From the application, young customers will get quotes, pay their premiums, and ask for help when necessary.

Offer cheaper rates for loyalty

Everything seems to go up in price as you age. Apartment rentals and leases tend to go up each year and owning nice things will come at a high cost. This means that young adults may be looking to decrease costs where they can to keep up with rising costs of living. Start a marketing campaign offering loyalty in order to entice young adult customers. Offer lower premiums or higher coverage amounts each year that your customers remain with your business. This will provide you with good consumer retention and give your customers something to look forward to each year. Customers who stick around long-term are also likely to include more products, giving you both a great deal. 

These are a few insurance company marketing ideas to help you target a younger client base.


20 May 2017

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