How Can You Best Market Your E-Book?


If you've recently written your first novel, collection of short stories, or nonfiction book, you may be excited at your accomplishment and eagerly awaiting a flood of notifications that your book has been downloaded. However, your journey is not yet over; before you'll be able to sit back and rake in the residuals, you'll likely need to engage in some marketing efforts to ensure your book begins getting some downloads (and, ideally, positive reviews). Read on to learn more about some of the best ways to market your e-book to its intended audience.

Invest in targeted advertisements

The internet has changed the world of marketing in innumerable ways. In some ways, marketing is easier in the twenty-first century than ever before -- however, you'll need to be savvy in your advertising and sales approach in order to filter through the "noise" of other ads, as consumers have become even more sophisticated at tuning irrelevant information out. 

Because so many social media websites, online retailers, and even web browsers have a great deal of browsing, posting, and purchasing history on every individual user, targeting your online advertisements toward those who have expressed an interest in a product or service relevant to your e-book can help you get the most bang for your buck. 

In many cases, you'll be able to automate this advertising on your book's behalf, paying for a certain number of ads or "push" notifications up front and refilling the account once you've begun to notice the effectiveness of this advertising method. Contact a digital marketing company to learn more.

Rely on your network

Often, the best (and easiest) way to get started promoting your book is simply by leaning on your friends, relatives, and even acquaintances to check out your book and offer a review. Once your book has a minimum number of downloads or unique reviews, it will begin rising to the top of search results, increasing the odds that a wider audience will come across it while browsing for a new read.

Having your friends and family members "share" your book on their respective social media pages can also expand your reach and serve as a form of free advertising.

Offer free downloads or a promotional rate

Another way to quickly get your book to the top of search results is to offer it for free during the first week of its release (or, alternatively, offer a low-cost promotional rate). This will encourage readers who might not have ordinarily paid for your book to check it out and hopefully leave a positive review. Although giving away your work for free can seem counter-intuitive, doing so can often prime the pump for future sales. 


22 May 2017

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