Creating A Website For Your Business Or Updating Your Old One? What To Look For In Modern E-Commerce Website Development


Whether you're creating a website for your business for the first time or updating an old design, website design services can rapidly create an easy-to-use website designed to maximize visitors and convert the greatest possible number of them to future sales. If you aren't a technical person, you may be wondering how to determine which website design company would best fit your e-commerce needs. Here are some important features of modern e-commerce design that you'll want to look for when considering which design company to hire for your business' online presence.

App Integration And Mobile Support Increase Customer Engagement And Sales

A software design service that can create an app for mobile phones and design your website so that it is friendly to mobile visitors is a big plus. Mobile apps can (if a user enables it) send "push notifications" to users of the app that will appear on their home screen. This allows you to communicate sales or new products quickly to your customers, which increases customer engagement with your brand and can be an important source of sales. Optimizing your website for mobile use is also important, as the number of people who use their smartphones as their primary internet browsing device is continually increasing; making it easier for these users to purchase from your website makes it more likely that you will convert mobile visitors to product sales.

Fast Loading Times Improve Customer Experience And Search Ranking

The software design service that you choose must know how to optimize websites for fast loading times and quick response during user interaction. Not only does this make your site easier and more convenient to use, but it can also improve your search rankings. As an attempt to improve user experiences across the entire internet, search engines are now taking the loading time of your landing page into account when determining how highly your page is ranked; a faster loading time means a higher rank. A website design service that can create an optimized website with quick loading times is useful in boosting the SEO of your website.

Security Is Essential To Avoid Liability

If you're an e-commerce website, there's no way of getting around the fact that you will need to handle customer credit card data as a part of doing business online. Making sure that the data of your customers is secure and protected from hacking attempts is important; not only will a data intrusion anger your customers and reduce the chance they will repeat their business, but you can also be liable for any fraudulent charges that they incur as a result of the attack. Securing your website involves using SSL encryption on all information transmitted from the client to your website and also handling credit card data in a way that meets current PCI compliance standards. It's important to hire a website design service that understands this and will not open your customers to potential identify theft.

One last point of consideration is that the website design service must be competent with data metrics; you should be able to see the number of visitors to your site, which visitors end up purchasing which products and which add products to the cart but never formally order them. A metric-driven design allows you and the designers to understand which areas of your site require improvement in order to convert visitors to sales and is an integral part of any modern web business strategy.

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20 December 2017

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