Starting A Cleaning Company? How A Marketing Agency Optimize Your Online Business Presence


If you are hoping to start a local cleaning company, you need to do everything you can to get visibility in your area. You can print ads in local papers and even pay for airtime on the radio, but the best way to expand your customer base is through online visibility. Unfortunately, digital advertising can be challenging, even if you are brilliant at running a business. 

A digital marketing agency can help you know what to do to make your brand professional on the web. They might help you with:

Online Promotions

A simple way to reach a lot of customers is to offer promotions as you get your business started. The marketing company will help you reach people with the promotions. For example, you might offer 25 percent off cleaning for new customers with an email subscription. You might also provide a bonus room cleaned for people who refer your company to others. A marketing agent can handle these promotions so you can deliver on them and not miss out on fulfillment, which will alienate customers. 


Advertising online is what helps your business get seen. You might, for example, have a short video commercial highlighting your services that show on video streaming websites for people who have similar IP addresses as you. The marketing agency can help you generate the needed content. Banner ads for websites and social media sites are also key in reaching your local audience. The ads need to be well-designed by a marketing professional. 

Search Engine Optimization

In order for your company to show up on search engine results, you need to have traction on the web. SEO strategies include increasing the traffic to your website and promoting your content so that more people and other websites reference and review your site. As it has more and more digital importance, your site shows up in search results more easily, which means you get more customers. 

Reviews and Photographs

You will need a professional website design that highlights your cleaning products. But one of the best ways to get people is with reviews. You might need a testimonials section on your website, as well as before and after photos to show the quality of your work. The photos should be professional in quality and staged to show your work in the best possible light. 

Logo Generation

A memorable company has a recognizable brand. The logo should be simple but unique. A marketing agency can provide the expertise for lasting, consistent logo design and for applying that logo to your websites and advertisements. Marketing professionals are good at coming up with names or logos that resonate with customers. 


The design of everything should be well-conceived. A poorly designed website could mean that people look elsewhere for another cleaning company. Your website should be navigated easily from a mobile phone. It should have easy-to-find information about the things that matter most: How much does your cleaning service cost? How long does it take? What sorts of cleaning do you offer? Are there cleaning contracts with reduced rates? Do you use green cleaning products? A poorly designed website will especially drive away millennial customers. 

Brand Consistency

Finally, you need brand consistency throughout your website, your printed products, and your advertisements. This means using cohesive, recognizable design in your font, your layout, and your writing. You might be great at keeping the business side of things going, but this consistency is what subconsciously lets customers know that your business is truly professional. 

Your new business will succeed if you offer a great service for a great price, but it will also succeed if you are able to reach as many people as possible with professional marketing. 


25 January 2019

Online Marketing Success Strategies

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