How To Stand Out From Other Cannabis Businesses


As cannabis businesses seek to establish brands and build customer loyalty in the emerging cannabis market, they may be in a hurry to simply get their brand noticed before anyone else. This may lead to a cannabis company failing to create a brand that will stand out from all other brands out there. 

Create Great Marketing Materials

Don't rush to create a poor quality logo or include low-quality images in your marketing. It's worthwhile to invest money into making your business look more professional. Customers will be less hesitant to do business with you when they believe that you're a reliable and professional cannabis company, which is reflected in the quality of your marketing materials.

Use Consistent Colors

Choose colors that will be associated with your business, and use them to promote your business. You might try to use certain colors for a particular holiday, but this will only confuse your customers and make your cannabis business stand out less.

Choose a Demographic to Focus On

One way to stand out from other marketers is to focus on targeting a specific demographic. There are a large number of cannabis users who are middle-aged adults that are using cannabis to treat back pain.

However, there are other cannabis users who are using the drug purely for recreational purposes. An advertisement that focuses on back pain won't be as useful when marketing to recreational users.

Engage with Your Audience

Failing to engage with your audience is one of the fastest ways to hurt your cannabis brand. Any experiences that your customers have with your brand will affect how they feel about it and whether they're willing to purchase your product. Most cannabis companies are responding to and engaging with customers, so failing to do so yourself can look bad for your business. 

Manage the Public Perception of You

How you brand your product will affect how the general public perceives cannabis as a whole. Recreational cannabis is legal in several states, so there's no reason to make your product look like it is a part of a black market. Your store should feel like a place your grandma would be happy to walk into.

Ask for Help

Cannabis branding is something that shouldn't be tackled on your own. You'll want talented graphic designers, writers, and market researchers who can assist you. For that reason, it's a great idea to hire a cannabis branding agency to help you.


15 April 2019

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