How Active Does Your Social Media Presence Need To Be?


Anyone who has ever watched the world's social media wizards do their thing can feel like posting great content must be a 25-hours-a-day job. This often gives the clients of social media management companies the sense that they have to be constantly active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a million other platforms.

Do you need to be this active on social media? Here is a look at what may determine how active your social media presence ought to be.

Audience Interest

Not all audiences and all brands need to constantly interact. If a local law firm is posting 20 memes a day to its social feeds, for example, that's probably going to lead to a lot of unfollows. Some brands are inherently socially active, such as a youth-oriented fashion company. Others can use their social media sparingly, potentially only posting a few times a week.

High interest, though, can be a double-edged sword. There's a difference between pushing tons of content due to high demand versus high engagement. People might like the free content you provide, but if it doesn't convert to sales, then it may be a waste of your time. Fortunately, social media management solutions providers can use analytics to help their customers target the right audiences and types of posts to drive engagement and conversions.

High-Interest Periods

Some companies need to be very active during appropriate periods. A retailer that does 90% of its sales during the winter holidays, for example, probably isn't going to pound away with Twitter posts on the Fourth of July. Conversely, they may start getting active just after Halloween and start hitting it hard as Thanksgiving approaches.

Opportunistic Posting

Events and news can create times when more posting may be appropriate. If you don't have fresh content ready to go, you can still remind people of relevant previous posts. For example, a water filtration provider might repost content about dealing with lead after a big scandal involving drinking water.

It's important to be tasteful in handling these opportunities. Social media management professionals help their clients strike the right balance between staying relevant and overdoing it.

Steady Posting

Regardless of how much or little activity is appropriate for your brand, it's still wise to maintain a regular stream of content. This lets your audience know you're still around, and it also helps you build a following, establish links to websites, and stay sharp with your posts.


11 February 2021

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