3 Tips To Improve Your Company's Messaging


The way that you communicate with your customers can have a direct impact on the overall success of your company. Good messaging can help you reach new consumers, educate existing customers, and improve your brand recognition within the marketplace.

Unfortunately, too many companies are sending "bad" messages to their customers without realizing it. Here are three tips that you can use to organize your brand story in a way that compels consumers to listen.

1. Identify What the Customer Wants

The first tip to improve your company's messaging is to identify what your customers want. A lot of companies will try to base their communications with consumers on the topics of what products or services they offer, and why they are better than their competitors.

This approach can come across as a company trying to prove it has value rather than truly educating consumers and motivating them to make a purchase. By identifying what customers want and basing your messages around this information, you can more effectively communicate with consumers in the future.

2. Address Internal Problems

Another valuable tip that can improve your company's messaging over time is to focus all of your marketing collateral on a customer's internal problems.

A customer will typically have both an external and an internal problem that needs to be solved. The external problem is the actual issue facing the customer, while the internal problem is how the issue is making the customer feel. Your company's products and services can solve an external problem, but most consumers make purchases based on their internal problems. Understanding this concept allows you to focus your marketing efforts on internal trigger points that will further motivate a consumer to buy from you.

3. End With a Character Transformation

One of the most effective ways to convert potential leads into actual sales is to end all your company's messaging content with a character transformation.

The character transformation is designed to show potential customers how they can go from a person plagued by internal fears to a person who is confident in overcoming internal problems because of their reliance on the goods or services your company provides.

Incorporating a character transformation in your messaging helps to make your marketing collateral more meaningful. Consumers will be able to identify with the personalized message, which allows them to feel more comfortable relying on your company for help addressing any issues they may currently be facing.

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7 September 2021

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