5 Effective Ways SEO Services Can Help Pull Local Walk-In Traffic To Your Store


You've done all the hard work to get your business off the ground—you've found an affordable place to rent, bought your equipment, hired staff, and stocked up on inventory. But you're still not pulling in the traffic you need to grow the business. It's time to look into SEO services and how they can help pull local walk-in traffic to your store. Here are several effective ways that search engine optimization (SEO) services can help attract clients and boost sales at your brick-and-mortar store!

1. Sign up with Google My Business

Signing up with Google My Business will let you enter business information such as your address, operating hours, and photos of your physical location. These details will appear at the top of search results when a person in the locality keys in a search for a service or product you offer. The customer will get directions if they're interested in walking into your shop. 

2. Add Social Proof via Local Reviews and Testimonials

Incorporating local reviews and testimonials can help boost your brand authority. Many online shoppers choose a product or service based on their peers' experiences, so having positive reviews on social media sites will build trust among potential customers. 

3. Create Locally Relevant Content 

SEO services can increase your brand awareness by creating relevant and valuable content for your customers. For example, for a fashion store, create an infographic highlighting upcoming fashion trends in your area. Or, consider creating a list of seasonal items that may interest your customers around holidays or local events they're likely participating in throughout the year.

4. Use Local Keywords and Tags

Use local keywords and tags on your website, social media, and other business listings. These tell search engines that you're a relevant source of information for nearby customers looking for a specific service or product. Audiences will pick up local hashtags in your locality, which boosts engagement. 

5. Backlinks From Popular Local Brands

Getting backlinks from popular local brands in your city is an excellent way to drive walk-in traffic. To do so, try reaching out and connecting with brands in your area on social media. Let them know you're a local business looking for links and ask if they can share any tips on driving traffic.

This SEO tactic has double advantages because it raises your profile locally while also building your global domain authority on search engines, ranking high even outside your locality.

Pulling in local walk-in traffic to your store can be easy if you have ways to catch their attention and build trust because you'll have the advantage of face-to-face accessibility. Contact SEO services to determine which tactics to pull on local customers.


28 April 2022

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