Why Demand Generation Funnel Management Is Important


A demand generation funnel is a tool for filtering prospective customers down to the ones most likely to buy. It is common in the online sales space. Having a funnel is important, but good demand generation management is just as critical. You should understand why you need demand generation funnel management and how your operation can benefit from it.

Lead Generation Services

Foremost, you want to generate as many viable leads as possible. The traditional funnel has a top, middle, and bottom. Lead generation at the top is about achieving product and brand awareness with the consumer.

Content marketing and advertising are value-added propositions that draw in potential customers. For example, a company that sells a new power tool might create written content that focuses on solving a common problem. They will then place social media ads to get eyeballs. Likewise, they'll use search engine optimization techniques to attract interest from people who need to replace an existing version of the tool or buy for the first time.

Managing Leads

The second stage of the process is filtering prospective buyers through the middle of the funnel. People at this stage were interested enough to stick around, but they haven't made a buying decision. They might read testimonials and watch videos on the website to get a sense of how the product or service works.

This is where the management function becomes important. You want to track where prospects are in the funnel and assist them if they have questions.

Buying Decisions

Finally, the customer reaches the bottom of the funnel. At this point, they're at least interested enough to request a demo. Many software sellers offer free trials at this point. Ideally, the person is impressed enough to make the leap and commit to the full-version purchase.

Repeating the Process

Management is important because you want to refine the process and make it repeatable. SEO content management in the funnel, for example, allows you to test which appeals are working or not. If people aren't progressing from the middle to the bottom of the funnel, you want to see what they were looking at when they stopped moving through the process.

You also need SEO content support management to ensure apps, emails, web pages, and other customer-facing features are working properly. A buggy product page is all it takes to kill the interest of an otherwise excited buyer. Management systems ensure that you'll always be on top of issues to keep customers moving through the funnel.

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27 March 2023

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